Catherine of Pomerania, Countess of Palatine of Neumark

It is unknown exactly when the princess Catherine of Pomerania was born, but it had to be before 1388. Her father was Wartislaw VII, Duke of Pomerania, and her mother was Maria of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Her grandmother through her mother was Ingeborg of Denmark, elder sister of Margaret I of Denmark. She had one brother named Erik. They grew up quietly as the duke’s children until 1388, when her aunt Margaret I of Denmark chose to adopt both Catherine and her brother Erik. Erik would become her heir. They would move to her court, and she would begin to fully enjoy the role of princess. With this though, came the duty of marriage for an alliance. The first major negotiations came from England. Henry IV wanted to wed his daughter Philippa to Erik, and his son Henry, the future Henry V, to Catherine. The negotiations fell apart though, as England wanted an offensive alliance, but Margaret would only allow for a defensive alliance. The marriage between Philippa and Erik, but Catherine would not marry the English prince. Instead, her future would land in the hands of John, Count Palatine of Neumark, son of Rupert, King of Romans. John was known as a soldier, as most remembers for the battles he was in. This combines with them only having one child wagers to believe he was not home often, and Catherine spent her time running the estates in his absences. Their son Christopher of Bavaria was most likely raised in northern Palatine. In 1439, her brother Erik was dethroned, and Catherine’s son was chosen as his replacement. She was not alive to see it though, Catherine passed away in 1426 and was buried in Gnadenberg.

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